Culinary Video Tutorials for Chefs


How To Cut Beef Videos

A variety of vids demoing how to break down beef from whole carcass to primals to steaks. Includes videos for the professional butcher as well as for the professional chef. Click on the image below to go to the beef cutting video page.

How to Cut Beef VideosHow to Cut Steaks VideosHow to Butcher Beef Videos


How To Fillet Fish Videos

Selection of videos showing how to break down various fish species by bone structure. For instance, the way you fillet a salmon is different than how you fillet a halibut. The same is true for tuna, eel and a variety of other fish. Click on an image below to go to the ‘how to fillet fish’ video page.

How to Fillet SalmonHow to Fillet Fish VideosHow to Fillet Fish Videos


Kitchen Management and Excel Videos for Chefs

Check-out our assortment of video tutorials on how a Chef can use Excel to make his/her life easier and more organized. For instance, do you want to make your recipes scalable so that all you have to do is enter a number to make it a times 2 batch or times 20 batch? Checkout the “How to make Recipes Scalable” demo. Click on the image below to go to the Excel and kitchen mgmt video page.

Chef Kitchen Management VideosChef Kitchen Management VideosChef Kitchen Management Videos


Product Review Videos

These video reviews are demos of knives, cell phone apps for chefs, and other products. Click on an image below to go to the ‘product demo & review’ video page.



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Douglas Muralt

What kind of knife does Susie use to fillet fish?

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