Here are some of the creations I have made either for menus at the restaurant, or for some of the food shows that my crew and I have presented at. All the images are clickable for a larger image. You’ll notice a lot of Salmon recipes due to the fact that our restaurant name is Blackfish Wild Salmon Grill! Personally, I prefer Sockeye Salmon for the flavor, while those who prefer King Salmon generally prefer the fattier, more delicate texture. But, even though I prefer Sockeye…I would never turn down King Salmon!

Some of these images have recipes posted on this site…simply go to the recipe section to see if it is there.

Chocolate dusted Fillet MignonIndi Chocolate Dusted Filet Mignon
Chocolate Demi-glace, Broccolini, Spaghetti Squash, Herbs de Provence Potatoes
by Elliot Anderson & David Buchanan
Naked King SalmonNaked King Salmon
“Braise-Poached” King Salmon, Pea Puree, Smoked Carrot brush
Lox, Poached-PearHouse Lox & Poached Pear
Sockeye Lox, Poached Pear, shaved Beets, Chive Oil
Naked King SalmonNaked King Salmon
“Braise-Poached” King Salmon, Pea Puree, Smoked Carrot brush
Dungeness Crab stuffed Squash BlossomsDungeness Crab Stuffed Squash Blossoms
Lemon Beurre Blanc, petite Red Watercress Salad, Orange Vinaigrette, Basil Oil
mise en place - Pridemise en place…
this phrase is the backbone, the culture, the ethos of the professional kitchen
Scallops with Pea PureeScallops with Pea Puree
Lemon Beurre Blanc, Fingerlings, Golden Beets, Asparagus
Lamb_Tartare_5.jpgLamb Tartare
Sous Vide Quail Egg 144°, Mushroom Relish, Crostini
Chefs Perry Mascitti & David Buchanan
Sous Vide SalmonSous Vide Sockeye Salmon
with Chioggia Beets, Fennel, Hericot Verts, Rose Pedals, and Lemon Beurre Blanc
Mother’s Day 2014
Duo_of_Halibut_900.jpgHalibut Duo
Grilled w/ Lemon Foam & Mango Puree
Seared with Herb Beurre Blanc & Pea Puree
Trio of BeefBeef Trio – an Exploration of Beef
– Prime Striploin
– 36 Hour Sous Vide Short Rib
– 20-day Dry Aged Striploin
Salmon Sous Vide and Blackberry wrapped with LoxSalmon Sous Vide 110° and Blackberry-Lox Popsicle
over Hazelnut Pesto and painted Blackberry
Taste of Tulalip 2014
Caprese avant gardeCaprese Avant Garde
a new interpretation of a culinary classic
House Smoked Salmon over Cucumber Purse
with fried leek and micro greens
We made about 1,800 for a food show!
Duck-Pho.jpgPacific Northwest Duck “Pho”
with Duck Breast, Duck Confit, Wild Boar Sausage, grilled Granny Smith Apple, Asparagus, Wild Mushrooms, Poached Egg 144°, Gochujang, Thai Basil and Duck Stock
Halibut-Parmesan-Crust_900.gifParmesan Crusted Halibut
with Trio of Pololenta, Lemon Beurre Blanc
Seafood MarySeafood Mary
Scallop, Shrimp, Dungeness Crab Fryleg, Smoked Salmon, Cucumber
Salmon on a Stick at BlackfishSalmon on a Stick
at Blackfish
Smoked-Salmon-Cucumber-Amus.gifSmoked Salmon over Chevre Tower
with Cucumber Wrap and Taro Root Crisp
served about 1,500 at a foodshow!
Halibut-with-Rainier-Cherry.gifGrilled Pacific Halibut with Rainier Cherry Salsa Oysters_Seafood_Mary_Granit.gifShigoku Oysters with Seafood Mary Granita Taste of Tulalip 2012
Salmon Two Ways
– by Chef David Buchanan, Blackfish
Smoked-Peppered-Salmon-with.gifLightly Smoked Peppered King Salmon
with Savory Poached Pear, Huckleberry Compote and Lemon Beurre Blanc
Roasted_Clams.gifAlder Roasted Clams Shrimp-w-Huckleberry-Compot.gifShrimp with Huckleberry Compote
Blackberry-BBQ-Chicken_900.gifBlackberry BBQ Chicken
with NW Succotash and Tillamock Cheddar Croquette
Camp Korey Salmon on a StickSalmon on a Stick for 300! Sweet_Savory_Sockeye_Lox_2.gifSweet & Savory Sockeye Lox Macaroon
House Sockeye Lox over Spiced-Rum Chevre and Macaroon with Yellow Beet Crisp and Hearts of Fire Sorrel
we did this for 1,500 people at a foodshow!
Huckleberry_Sockeye_Lox_wit.gifHuckleberry Sockeye Lox Tartare
with Pne Sphere & Huckleberry Coulis
PNW Bounty BowlPacific Northwest Bounty Bowl
King Crab, Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Salmon
in Lobster Bisque
Northwest Berry Salad with Chevre
candied Holmquist Hazelnuts
House Raspberry Vinaigrette
– by Chef David Buchanan, Blackfish
Sustainable Chilean Sea Bass with Apple Lacquor
Savory Fennel-Butternut Squash Bread Pudding
Apple Beurre Blanc
– by Chef David Buchanan, Blackfish
Naked-Salmon-with-Huckleber.gif“Naked” Sockeye Salmon with Huckleberry Beurre Rouge
lightly braised from the bottom up leaving the top like sushi
Dungeness_Crab_Roll_with_Sockeye_Lox_800.jpgDungeness Crab wrapped with Cucumber
Huckleberry Sockeye Lox
– by Chef David Buchanan, Blackfish
Dungeness_Crab_Salad_Cucumb.gifDungeness Crab Salad with Cucumber Wrap
Sockeye Lox, shaved Shallot, and Taro Chip
for a foodshow…served 2,400 of these!
Salmon_On_A_Stick.jpgSockeye Salmon on Ironwood Stick
– by Chef David Buchanan, Blackfish
Squash Blossom filled with CrabDungeness Crab stuffed Squash Blossoms
with Lemon Beurre Blanc and Chive Oil
Lamb_Prime_Manhattan_Steak_.gifLamb & Manhattan Steak Duo
Lamb Chops, Cauliflower Puree, Blackberry Demi
Prime Manhattan, Mushrooms, Roast Garlic Demi
Scallops_w_Black_Rice_and_P.gifSeared Scallops w/ Pear Beurre Blanc
over Black Rice w/ Red Curry, fresh Corn Salsa,
Cipollini Onions & Carrot
by Jeff Johnson & David Buchanan
Autumn Harvest Salad with Red QuinoaAutumn Harvest Salad
Red Quinoa, Roasted Butternut Squash, Blueberries,
Aged Beemster Gouda, Pumpkin Seeds, Hibiscus Vinaigrette


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Beautiful food mate.

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