Common Restaurant Hotel Pan and Steam Table Pan Capacity & Yields

Common stainless steel steamtable pan capacities are listed below.  Full Topped-off values are for pans full to the top.  85% capacities are meant to represent typical fill levels and are 85% of the topped-off values.  Plastic pans do not correlate the same as stainless steel and typically have a minimum of 5% less volume.

Steamtable Pan Sizes & Capacities


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CHEFLAURIEG []    [ Oct 28, 2015 ]

Thank you so much! This is so handy and concise!

TAX & CO []    [ Apr 14, 2015 ]

i am feeding 130 for a wedding. How many hotel pans of Mac n cheese do need.

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Mar 27, 2015 ]

Sheryl – I’ll need more info.

  • What kind of group/event is it?
  • Are they a captive audience (will they all be there for the entire 5 hours…or will people come and go?)
  • What is your portion size (hors d’oeuvres are typically I – 2 bites each)
  • Will there be any other food there?
SHERYL []    [ Mar 26, 2015 ]

Would you have the amounts of hors d’oeuvre items to serve per person? I am looking at serving 300 guests with 10 different appetizers. The event will last 5 hours. Any help that you can provide me will be greatly appreciated. I find your website very useful and thank you for putting it together.

CHEF KEVIN []    [ Jan 15, 2015 ]

Shotgun pan!! You see them used a lot for meatloaf…

YAWPPY []    [ Dec 28, 2014 ]

torpedo pan… hmmm… always called em bullets…just an interesting fyi comment!

PROFESSOR DIABOLICUS []    [ Feb 11, 2014 ]

I can write from experience that stainless pans can vary in weight significantly.  Even the same size and brand stainless pans can vary by as much as an ounce.

DAVID BUCHANAN []    [ Sep 26, 2013 ]

A torpedo pan is long like a hotel pan, but only half as wide. They are long and narrow.

P.SANDERS []    [ Sep 25, 2013 ]

What is a torpedo pan?

RUSS ORFORD    [ Feb 10, 2013 ]

Hi It would also be a good idea to have TARE weights   for steel and also plastic cambros



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Why are they called shotgun pans or torpedo pans

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