Dry Spice Yields & Conversions

Use this spice yield & conversion chart for recipe costing.  The same spice from different vendors/makers will yield different spice conversions so the amounts listed here are an estimation based on the average of several varieties.

Dry Spice Conversions
SpicesOz per CupTbl per OzTsp per Oz
Allspice, Ground3.374.7514.33
Anise, Ground412
Anise Seeds3.564.5013.5
Annato Powder (Achiote)
Annato Seed (Achiote)
Basil, Ground2.67618
Bay Leaves1.3336/oz
Bay Leaves, Ground3.794.2012.66
Caraway, Ground515
Caraway Seed4.103.9011.70
Caraway, Black (Russian Caraway)
Cardamom, Ground3.314.8014.50
Celery Salt8.421.905.70
Celery Seed3.814.2012.60
Celery Seed, Ground4.004.0012.00
Chervil Leaves1.1214.3343.00
Chili Flakes, Red2.825.6717.00
Chili Pods, Casabel9/oz
Chili Pods, Arbol50/oz
Chili Pods, Guajullo5/oz
Chili Pods, Japones80/oz
Chili Pods, Morita9/oz
Chili Pods, Pasilla2/oz
Chili Pods, Paquin500/oz
Chili Powder3.764.2512.75
Chinese 5 Spice3.764.2512.75
Cloves, Ground3.694.3313
Cloves, Whole3.005.3316
Coffee, Espresso Grind2.825.6717
Coriander, Ground3.354.7814.33
Coriander Seeds2.29721
Cream of Tartar6.402.507.50
Cumin, Ground3.384.7314.20
Cumin Seeds3.844.1712.50
Curry Powder3.624.4213.25
Dextrose, Powdered39
Dill Seed3.694.3313
Dill Weed1.709.4228.25
Fennel, Ground3.724.3012.90
Fennel Seed3.694.3313
Fenugreek Seed6.192.587.75
Flour, AP4.25
Garlic, Granulated5.652.838.50
Garlic Powder4.493.5710.70
Garlic Salt826
Herbs du Provence1.451133
Hibiscus Flowers40/oz
Juniper Berries
Kosher Salt6.022.668
Lavender, Dry1.071545
Lemon Balm
Mint Leaves.533090
Mustard Ground3.434.6714
Mustard Seeds6.402.507.50
Onion Powder3.754.2712.80
Orange Peel4412
Oregano Leaves1.719.3328
Parsley Flakes.6923.3370
Pepper, Black Coarse3.844.1712.50
Pepper, Black Cracked4412
Pepper, Black Table Grind4412
Pepper Flakes, Red Crushed2.825.6717
Pepper, Szechwan2824
Pepper, White Ground4.123.8811.50
Peppercorns, Black4.573.5010.50
Peppercorns, Green
Peppercorns, Pink7.50
Peppercorns, White4412
Pickling Spice5.3339
Poppy Seed4.803.3310
Pumpkin Spice35.3316
Rosemary, Ground2.825.6717
Rosemary Leaves1.78927
Sage, Ground1.451133
Salt, Kosher (Diamond Crystal)4.803.3310
Salt, Kosher (Morton)8.731.835.50
Salt, Seasoning (Johnny’s)8.211.955.85
Salt, Table10.131.584.74
Savory Leaves2.67618
Sesame Seeds, Black
Sesame Seeds, White4.373.6611
Star Anise, Ground
Star Anise, Seeds
Star Anise, Whole
Sugar, Brown1.54.5
Sugar, Granulated6.862.337
Tarragon Leaves1.3012.3337
Thyme, Ground3.7511.25
Thyme Leaves2.29721
Vanilla Bean
Wasabi Powder2.705.7517.25


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CHRIS []    [ Jul 08, 2015 ]

Great resource! Thank you!

AGEE    [ Feb 18, 2015 ]

Thank You!!

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Feb 12, 2015 ]

Agee – The table is meant to convert volume measures into weight so that you can calculate recipe costing better. So, 1 cup of ground dried basil weights about 2.67 oz; it takes about 6 Tbl to weigh 1 oz; and 18 Tsp = 1 oz by weight.

AGEE    [ Feb 09, 2015 ]

Firstly, thank you very much for the wealth of information available ,  I am opening a restaurant in New Brunswick, Canada and look forward to reading all the information… I may be having a moment but I don’t understand the spice conversion chart

2.67 oz/cup……6oz per tablesppon???……18oz per teaspoon?????! Help!

Basil, Ground
DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Jan 26, 2015 ]

RCronin – I would roughly estimate 8 star anise pods to grind to about 2 tsp. But, tea typically used a coarse version of all ingredients, so if you use ground star anise I would start w/ maybe 3/4 tsp and see how that tastes. The full dose from a ground version may be too strong.

RCRONIN []    [ Jan 26, 2015 ]

Please help-Burma Spice dot com site has a Thai tea recipe that calls for 8 finely crushed star anise “pods” – I have never used Star Anise so I bought “ground” Star Anise for this recipe. Now I do not know how much “ground” is equal to 8 crushed pods? Can you advise me quantity (number of teaspoons) to use? Thank you

JINNETTE (CULINARY STUDENT) []    [ Apr 19, 2014  ]

Very helpful stuff on this site. I am sharing the address with all my classmates and professors.

Thank you.


BOB BECKMANN []    [ Feb 01, 2014  ]


In the Dry Spice Yields table there are 2 entries listed as

“sugar, granulated” and they have different conversions.

I assume that verbiage means “sugar, white granulated”.

What is the difference between the two?


Bob Beckmann  bobbeckmann@yahoo.com


NYTYNGALE []    [ Oct 31, 2013  ]

As much as I prefer fresh herbs, I have trouble finding certain less-popular herbs I need at any local store.  Recently, I ordered some powdered spices and herbs: galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass.  As you can tell, I’m making Tom Kha (Gai).  But I’ve no idea how to convert “4 lime leaves” into the powdered version I have, or “2 inches” of lemongrass, either.  Can you help?

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Sep 19, 2012  ]

EQ – the dry spice yields/conversions are listed in the table above.  If you cannot see them then unfortunately I cannot help you as that may be an issue with your browser.  It should display in IE, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

EQ []    [ Sep 19, 2012  ]


my 1st time visiting this website… and it is amazed that i have lots to learn from you.

Understand i need to put a comment in order to see the dry spice yields or is there any other link i can look at?

Please advise.

Thanks 🙂

CHEF TONY HAINES []    [ Jun 06, 2010  ]

This is something that for years just guestamated on food costs this will be invaluable when costing finnished product for large banquets another thank you out to Chef David


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Darnella Brogsdale

This is a wonderful resource for chefs. it adds to my collection of conversions i already have on other produce and grocery items. Thanks. Darnella. Owner, The Gathering Cafe & Bakery


hi chef hw much the rice uncooked percent %


costing recipe


You have sugar, granulated in there twice. The first one, under sesame seeds, white, appears like it might be a mislabeled spice. I notice it is the only one out of alphabetical order. What spice or herb was supposed to be in that spot?

Anthony DiGiantomasso

I am trying to make a large batch of Chili powder and a Batch of Cajun seasoning. The recipe I have total ingredients combined are 9.4 ounces. I need to convert the recipe to 10
pounds can anyone help, please

Santon D Barnes

Very good resource and very helpful


Hi David. There are 2 separate entries for Sugar, Granulated with different numbers. Is one of them a different kind of sugar by chance?


This chart is great. Thank you.

Technically, these are equivalents…1 C of cayenne = 3.56 oz wt (The two are equal when cayenne is in the cup.)
A conversion would be the act of converting units of measure utilizing equivalents:
Ex: ( 3.56 oz wt / 16 T per cup = oz wt per T ) x 2 T = 0.445 oz wt of 2 T of cayenne

Sandra Vargas

Thanks is a wonderful resources for all of us students.

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