Chefs – what Info would you like added to this site?

Spawn Till You Die by Ray Troll

Spawn Till You Die by Ray Troll

Being a Chef, or running a kitchen, requires that we are constantly evolving, perpetually learning, forever seeking new ideas about how to do our jobs better, faster, or more efficiently.  At Chef’s Resources we are always looking for new information which may be useful to fellow Chefs. What info have you been looking for to run your operation? Excel templates, kitchen management questions, flavor profiles…what?

What info would you like to see added to this site? Leave comments/suggestions below and we will consider researching them for addition to the site!


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I love this website! I’m trying to start a food truck project and will be developing the menu myself. I will like to have an excel program dedicated to food trucks regarding menu development.

David Giani

Hello I would like to introduce to chef- my cooking search inspirational page where you can type a ingredients and view the results of recipes made from scratch.
If you are interest let me know I will send you the link of cooking search page.


this sounds amazing.I would like to have the link if possible…

Daniel L Daugherty

As a graduate of culinary arts, I would enjoy information on plating more professionally with pictures and tutorials. I believe plating is an art form that brings more to your service. Thank you.

Kirk Bonilla

I would like to see more banquet and catering chef forms like how many lamb rack to feed for a buffet of 100 people or how many french toast to feed for a breakfast buffet

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