Chefs Resources Staff Video Tutorial Library for Corporate Members

Welcome to Chefs Resources exclusive video library geared towards providing Chef’s with a way to give consistent training about basic kitchen philosophies to all your cooks, sous chefs, kitchen managers, and lead line cooks. We know that time is money and there are only so many hours in a day. That’s why we created this video library for Chefs, with the goal of making it easier for you to train your staff without having to be present. You can now focus on other tasks while your crew learns basic kitchen philosophies & practices from our videos.

Use them as part of your regular training for every new crewmember, or as a refresher for long-time staff. And since they are business oriented tutorials they may be something which your company will pay for the $25 monthly subscription fee, rather than coming out of your own pocket.

If you choose to have a group of your staff watch any of the videos then consider having you or your sous chef pause the video on key points to have further discussion and answer questions about whatever principal is being presented. This will involve your crew in the presentation and get them thinking about it. There are suggested discussion topics on most of these and a PDF downloadable version of the presentation.

Also I highly recommend banning them from using their phones during the video tutorials! They are getting paid for training, not to play on their phones during a training video!

We hope that you find these tutorials useful for your operation. Simply click on the green “Watch Video” button for the video you want your team to watch. It will open a separate page with that exclusive content on it. I recommend opening the video in it’s own full-screen window and starting it when your team is ready.

If you want a specific topic covered in a future video, leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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Chefs Resources Kitchen Staff Training Videos for Corporate Subscribers

Mise en Place –
What is mise en place?

9.30 minutes

Mise en Place video

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In depth discussion about the principles of mise en place and what it means. Mise en place is more than just your prep. It is also your utensils, your plates, your equipment, knowing potential challenges for the shift, and being mentally ready for the day.

The Kitchen Code
Part 1

8.58 minutes

The Kitchen Code - Part 1

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Part 1 presents 16 of 32 common rules of the professional kitchen. These rules may be unspoken, but long-time cooks know and understand them to be true.

The Kitchen Code
Part 2

6.22 minutes

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Part 2 presents the remaining 16 rules of the professional kitchen. These rules make life easier and less frustrating for everyone in the kitchen.

Improve Cook-Server Communication

11.18 minutes

Improve Cook-Server Communication

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Improving the communication between cooks & servers improves efficiency, decreases mistakes, stress & frustration, and increases speed of service. Good communication improves life in the kitchen. Poor communication creates a sh__ty work experience.

Calling the Wheel

11.08 minutes

Calling the Wheel - Expeditor

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Whether you call this position the Wheel Person, Expeditor, or something else, the person calling tickets to the cooks is essential to a smooth running operation. This video discusses some of the best practices for Calling the Wheel, traits of a strong Wheel Person or Expeditor, and proper responses from cooks when tickets are called.

Beating Murphy’s Law

Coming Soon
0.0 minutes


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