Want more info and better access to Chef’s Resources content, including updates and special access? The purpose of this site is to build a culinary resource where Professional Chefs, Kitchen Managers, ambitious cooks, & curious foodies can go to for all their informational needs regarding culinary, kitchen and restaurant issues. By subscribing you will be able to “stay in the loop” regarding our newest releases and updates. We offer a FREE subscription and several Paid subscription options which offer a variety of extra perks for very little cash.

In the newly developed Paid Subscription Area we have collected all of our Excel worksheets & templates, along with all of our informative kitchen management PDF files, and put them into one simple resource area. Some of the 20+ available Excel files include: an assortment of Recipe Templates, Sales Mix Calculator, Inventory Control, Declining Balance Form, Cook Evaluation Form, Meat Butchering Log, and more. PDF files include: Types of Shrimp, Inventory Control from start to finish, The Forty Thieves of Food Cost, Managing Foodservice Software, Fresh Fish Availability Chart, The Kitchen Code, Disher Scoop Sizes.

You will also find Chef’s Resources original MEMEs as downloadable PDFs! Perfect to print and post on the kitchen wall to motivate your staff with sayings like, “Mise en place…Get it right or get out!”

 Check out the benefits that subscribers get!

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