Tuesday September 6, 2011

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The contest has ended!! I put all the names in the hat (some of you qualified for two entries and so had two names in the hat), closed my eyes, mixed them up and… The winner is Chef David Ledinsky! Enjoy your new chef coat and thanks to everyone who participated.  Check back next month as we may be running another contest in October 2011.

Chefs Resources has teamed with Crooked Brook Chef Coats for our first giveaway!  They make premium professional chef coats geared towards comfort, style and functionality.  Their coats are killer and there are two ways to enter.

Contest ends September 15, 2011 at midnight pacific standard time.

Although all Crooked Brook chef coats are made to order, they have many chef jackets in various styles and sizes that were accidentally not made according to the customer’s specifications, or have slight imperfections. These men’s and women’s chef coats cannot be sold as new so, I have partnered with Crooked Brook and we are offering them as giveaways.


Chef Coat Style BSM101, Size 38

● White 100% Cotton Seersucker

● Left chest tailored welt pocket

● Long Sleeves

● Faux MOP-B buttons

● Value: $150.00 including shipping


Contest Requirements

No purchase is necessary.  You need to register with Chef’s Resources in order to see the comment section at the bottom of this page.  There are two ways to get entered into the free drawing.  First, if you have purchased the Fishmonger App or the Cuts of Beef App, leave a review for the app in iTunes or Android Market and post a comment on this page saying you have rated one of the apps (include the name you used on the app review page so I know who’s who).  You can get two entries in the drawing if you do a review for both apps and post a comment here saying so.

Here are links to the review pages:

Cuts of Beef – iTunes   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cuts-of-beef/id454144405?mt=8#

Fishmonger – iTunes   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fishmonger/id441373820?mt=8#

Fishmonger – Android   https://market.android.com/details?id=com.qbiki.fishmonger2

Cuts of Beef – Android   https://market.android.com/details?id=com.qbiki.cutsofbeef2

Second, if you do not own the apps no worries!  You can enter by leaving a comment providing the following info about a fish not already listed in our Finfish index (for a list of fish on Chefs Resources see the left side menu after clicking the Finfish Index link):

  • Name of a fish not listed on this site (must be a fish served in restaurants, ie not an aquarium or other non-culinary fish)
  • Name a country and location which the fish inhabits (ie USA Pacific Ocean)
  • Any information which you already know about this fish
  • Why this fish interests you
  • You can get two entries by doing this for two different fish


The Fine Print

You can only have a maximum of two entries, but you can mix those entries by any combination of acceptable entry methods.  You need to register to add a comment, but we do not share your email with any third parties, we do not sell our email list.
Contest ends midnight (pacific standard time) 09/15/11
Winner will be chosen by a random drawing of qualified entrants.
Winner will be notified by email by 9/19/11 and will also be posted on this page.  Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entries.
Void where prohibited by law.
Prize will be shipped to winner within 30 days of contest end.
You must be 18 years or older to win.
US and Canada residents only,
US recipients must  be a resident  of one of the 48 contiguous states.
Canada recipients will be responsible for all duties, tariffs, and taxes.
You can enter by regular mail by sending your entry to the address below. Mail-in entries must be date stamped no later than midnight 09/15/11
Chef’s Resources
1450 Sunset Avenue #A
Ferndale, WA 98248

Comments from before Site Migration

RACHELLE5901    [ Sep 13, 2011  ]

Herring, found in temperate shallow waters of Pacific Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea. In the Philippines, it is said to be found only in Taal Lake (a lake formed around a once active volcano).

Mistichthys Luzonensi – said to be the world’s smallest commercially-harvested fish found only in the Philippines specifically in the Bicol region. The fish is threatened with extinction due to over fishing.

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Sep 13, 2011  ]

Comment by PAIGEHARPER (put on the Seafood page by mistake).
Please add skate to your list. This fish is so tender and sweet and is my favorite seafood. It is a member of the ray family and some varieties are overfishes, so check with your market to make sure it is not on the Greenpeace red list. Rays are livebearers and skates are egg laying as well as having a dorsal fin.

Skates can be found in most ocean waters and are not a danger to humans as they do not have stingers like rays. They were once considered trash fish; however, now they are regarded as a delicacy

CHEFDWSAUTE    [ Sep 11, 2011  ]

chefdwsaute just reviewed Fishmonger on the Android Market and wants to thank you for a great app and a great website!

Chef David Wilson

DAVID BUCHANAN    [ Sep 07, 2011  ]

Chef Jason and Chef David – thanks for participating!  Chef Jason, appreciate the Fishmonger review.  Chef David, Sculpin and White Seabass are both good fish to add to the list of profiles to complete.  Good luck in the drawing!

CHEFJASOND    [ Sep 07, 2011  ]

joefivebucks has left a review of fishmonger and would like to be entered in the chef coat giveaway, thanks

DLEDINSKY    [ Sep 07, 2011  ]

Sculpin /USA Pacific/local caught fish with spines that need to be removed before handling used in local resturants it”s /Fresh white meat and very sweet.

White Seabass /USA Pacific/A local caught fish that once was almost fished out brought back by the efforts of Hubbs Seaworld Aquariam San Diego CA they release thousands of fingerlings into the ocean each year and has a size limit that must be meet for harvest. Great tasting and has found many use with local Chefs

Chef David Ledinsky


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