Sous Vide Copper River Salmon DuoChefs Resources was originally built on a Wiki engine where many people could contribute in adding content. Although that aspect of the site has changed, it is still meant to be a collaborative site for chefs (via comments and article submissions). And it is a sort of “culinary wikipedia” providing information specifically for Professional Chefs.  And although much of this information will also be of interest to Foodies, Front of the House Staff, Restaurant Managers and Culinarians in general, the focus of the site is on information which is useful to Professional Chefs.  We are currently focused on information for chefs in the United States and Canada, but we hope in time this will expand beyond our borders.

We are looking for people to add content to the site.  Either a one time addition of information which you are passionate about.  Or regular contributions of content which will be helpful to other chefs.

Site History and Migration

The site was originally built on the EditMe wiki platform but on December 1st 2015 it was moved to the platform in order to make us more current in regards to responsive design for mobile devices, and to significantly improve navigation. Although the design has changed, the address ( and content has not changed.

In May 2020 we migrated our hosting from Hostgator to Cloudways. This hosting change significantly improved our pagespeed and decreased our load time, for an overall superior experience for our site visitors. And it had no impact upon content or site design/layout. Here are more details about hosting comparisons ( which helped me make this choice.

Site Philosophy

The home page gives the basic philosophy of the site: Chefs Resources is the Professional Chef’s informational tool for kitchen management. We are a collaborative website for professional chefs to add their knowledge base to. Our purpose is to provide culinary resources where chefs can go to for all their informational needs regarding culinary, kitchen and restaurant issues. The site is about information, not recipes.  Again, the site is geared towards chefs; but foodies, front of the house staff and culinarians in general will also find the information helpful.

When submitting content it must be information which is helpful for Chefs.  The site is not for recipes (there are hundreds of websites for recipes).  And it is not geared towards the home cook, although a good home cook could find the site useful.

Adding Comments

The “Comments” tab at the bottom of any page is your chance to:

  1. add a comment (duh!)
  2. add additional or missing info which may be helpful
  3. update the content on the page with more current info
  4. share an experience which correlates to the topic of the page
  5. ask a question which relates to the page topic

All comments must:

  • relate to the page topic
  • must not be a sales pitch
  • must not insult another person’s comment
    • healthy, professional disagreement is encouraged…high-school mud slinging is not

Administrator Oversight

Please understand that any comment can deleted at the sole discretion of the site administrator and may be done so without notification and/or explanation.

Final Remarks

Chefs…if there is info you would like to see added to the site then please leave a comment on this page! Or if you are interested in possibly submitting content to us for review and possible addition to the site then please contact us!



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David Giani

After reading this page about Chef Resources, I want to say thank you to bring this site alive, I have found it very well professionally done, food is a never ending learning experience, I have been working in commercial kitchen at my very young age, and I would like to ask if there is any one who can direct me how to calculate Nutrition Fact on recipes, I have a large database of recipe made from scratch in my website, I would like to improve the pages of my recipes with Nutrition Fact.


I cannot download resources . I did pay $50 membership. could you please tell me why?

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