Restaurant Text Messaging Service Keeps Customers Happy

How to Keep Restaurant Customers Happy Through Text Messaging

restaurant text messaging serviceAt the heart of every successful restaurant is high-quality customer service. When you want to keep your customers happy, opening a line of communication between your restaurant and your customers by implementing a restaurant text messaging service platform is one way of doing this, especially if you are targeting the massive millennial demographic. Most adults are walking around with a cell phone, and it is the most efficient way to communicate while on the go. Whether your customers want to find out about menu specials for the day or they want to make a reservation, text messaging is the best way to communicate with your customers.

Customer Service Through Texting is Cost-Effective

When you run a restaurant, you need to maximize your profits. Customers can send in a text message asking simple questions, minimizing interruptions for your restaurant staff. Because texting tends to be “short and to the point” a texting program can save you time and money. Instead of being on the phone for minutes, your employee can answer a customer text in seconds. Customer feedback will be a lot faster with SMS so that any issue can be looked into right away.

Customers Can Text from Anywhere

If you run a takeout service, customers can text orders to you from just about anywhere. This means that if they are stuck in a meeting and want to order dinner, they can do this through a simple text. If a customer is about to start their commute home they can quickly text their order and pick it up on the way home. This is a perk that many of your customers will love because they can text in a food order and its ready when they arrive.

An Employee Can Help More than One Customer at a Time

When you have a restaurant text messaging service platform in place, an employee responsible for customer service and responding to texts can help more than one customer at a time. This is going to make your customer service faster and more efficient, while reducing costs. Your employees will be able to handle more customers, keeping your customer satisfaction high.

Texting Makes Wait Times Easier

When a customer puts their name in to wait for a table, you can set up the customer to receive a text message when the table is ready. This means the customer can go outside without having to worry about a buzzer still being in range. When your customers must wait for service, make it easy on them by offering to text them when their table is ready.

Offer Exclusive Deals Through Your Restaurant Text Messaging Service

If you are having a slow business night in your restaurant, you can offer a flash deal to all of your text messaging subscribers. You’ll want to make this deal good in order to draw in a crowd who is ready to dine out at the last minute. Remind your customers that the offer is exclusive and time limited to spark interest in your restaurant. SMS is a great way to fill your restaurant on nights that are slow while also rewarding your loyal customers.

Customer service means reaching the customers in the ways that they want to be contacted. Good customer service means using a texting platform to offer deals, answer questions, and share information. When customers know that they can reach your business through texting, they are going to enjoy this form of communication. From takeout orders to reservations, your restaurant will benefit from allowing text communication between your business and customers.

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