American Academy of Chefs Dinner at Tulalip Resort Casino

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

American Academy of Chefs Dinner at Tulalip Resort

AAC at Tulalip Resort 2011 jpgI recently had the opportunity to see Chef Gerry Schultz in action producing a 7 course menu for the American Academy of Chefs (ACC) Black Tie Dinner at the Tulalip Resort Casino. The menu was created in collaboration with Executive Chef Perry Mascitti and Chef John Poticelli and it was served to a group of 80 attendees including a number of certified Master Chefs.


ACC Etched Wood Menu jpgThe honor society of ACF, the American Academy of Chefs (AAC) represents the highest standards of professionalism in the organization, society and industry. The AAC is an ambassador of culinary education and programs. The menu for each setting was etched in wood planks.


Meeting of Two Loins Prep jpgIn the banquet kitchen, Chef Gerry and crew prepared the meal to be plated and served as close to a la minute as possible.

The Meeting of Two Loins (Ahi Tuna & Elk Tenderloin wrapped in Wild Boar Bacon) coming out of the oven! This is a yin and yang design created by Chef John Ponticelli.


Plate-up was executed on a two-sided line making it possible to plate each course for 80 people in about 12 minutes.
ACC Plate-up jpg



Meeting of Two Loins jpg

The Meeting of Two Loins
Ahi Tuna & Elk Tenderloin wrapped in Wild Boar Bacon, Wasabi Foam, Blueberry Port Wine Glaze
Castle Rock Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Chef Gerry said, “I loved the Meeting of Two Loins, which is an idea that Chef John Ponticelli came up with. I changed it a bit by using it as an appetizer and using elk tenderloin instead of beef tenderloin. This is an ingenious creation, taking a fish and meat which are both best when eaten under done and wrapping them in bacon like a true filet mignon. A truly great idea which I feel we were able represent quite well. Thank you Chef Ponticelli.”


Mushroom Soups In 3D jpg


Wild Mushroom Soup in 3D
– Chanterelle Mushroom Chowder
– Black Trumpet Hot & Sour Soup
– Lobster Mushroom Bisque

Loved this presentation! Each demitasse cup contained a different soup and each soup was distinctly different in flavor and texture. The Chanterelle Mushroom Chowder was styled after a true chowder… chunky with bacon and potatoes. And the Lobster Mushroom Bisque finished the course with a sultry, satiny mouth-feel.

Chef Gerry said, ” My favorite dishes were of course the ones which were my own inspiration. I put a lot of heart into the three wild mushrooms soups. I wanted the guest to go on a tour through three traditional soups (chowder, sweet & sour, bisque) which were totally different in texture and flavor, but undoubtedly the wild mushroom flavors came through. Hence the name “Wild Mushroom Soup in 3D”.


Tuscana Chill Salad jpg

Toscana Chill Salad

Shaved Jicama, Baby Greens, Hot Coppa, Tartufotto Ham, Carpaccio de Truffle d’ete, Pecorino Crisp, Reggiano Vinaigrette


Seafood Gathering (not shown)

Apple Smoked Salmon Corn Dogs with Chipotle Aioli Dungeness Crab & Alaskan Spot Prawn Grill Cheese with Dill Havarti & Capers
Mercer 2010 Gone Fishin’ Riesling

Somehow I missed a photo of this dish!


Fruit Bridge over Bubbled Water jpg

Fruit Bridge over Bubble Water

Asian Pear, Tangerine, Mint, Uzu Ginger Water
This was a really cool presentation! Unfortunately you can’t see the full effect because by the time I took this photo the snowball nest of shaved ice had melted.


Prime Filet of Beef Napoleon

Filet of Beef Napoleon jpg

Smoked Foie Gras, Oxtail Marrow, Barley Risotto Ragu Roasted Fennel, Pumpkin & Hazelnut Filled Leek
Argento Malbec

Nothing was held back on this entree! Foie Gras, marrow, risotto, stuffed leeks! I can die now and be a happy man… oh wait, I didn’t actually get the chance to try this dish. Maybe with a few shots of Basil Hayden Bourbon I can bribe Gerry to make it for me.

This is what Chef Gerry told me about this dish, “For us the hardest dish was the entrée which I was also very proud of as well. The napoleon required the roasting of beef bones and removing the marrow for the top of the napoleon. Then the Prime tenderloin was cut into even round tubes and into medallions. The fois gras was cut and then lightly grilled and smoked. After that we built the napoleons and they turned out looking very good.”

“The Oxtail barley risotto was also a challenge. We began by roasting the oxtail with some herbs, wine and seasonings, removing the meat. Then we added the oxtail bones to fresh beef stock and reduced it down to almost demi glace. This was the broth used to make the black and white barley risotto. The two were made separately to maintain their colors. To the risotto we then added Oktoberfest beer, herbs, onions and peppers.”

“The leeks required some extra special attention. First we roasted fennel and sugar pumpkins to make the filling. Then the leeks were cut into 3” sections and braised with herbs, wine and spices . Once cooled they were hollowed out like a canoe and the filling and Holmquist hazelnuts were added. The three came together on the plate to make a wonderful comforting fall inspired entree.”


Sweet Endings (not shown!)

White Chocolate Arborio Rice Pudding Confit of Apple, Saffron Reduction & Honeycomb Confection

The night ended with a standing ovation which made Gerry smile and say, “All in all this was a truly challenging and rewarding event for me as a chef. It was an honor and a privilege to be asked to prepare a meal for the chefs black tie event. We gave it our Tulalip best and I feel they were very pleased. It was a great night.”


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