Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Beef & More

Salmon on a Stick at Blackfish - Chefs Resources

Chefs need specific information to create menus and run a profitable business. The fresh fish pages of Chef's Resources include a “culinary profile” of basic culinary information for each fish: Butchering yield percentages for breaking down whole fish. Flavor profiles for each fish featuring a flavor scale indicating the intensity of flavor, the oil content of the fish, and its texture. On each culinary profile you’ll find fresh fish availability, alternate names of the fish, sustainability, nutrition information and links to additional resources.

Additionally, we provide concise information about seafood issues related to specific species. Striped Pangasius have become very popular in the U.S. over the past decade despite some of the controversy surrounding this fish...we carry the full scoop.

The Shellfish pages contain a similar resume of basic culinary information. Under Beef you’ll find links to the IMPS Meat Buyers Guide and to posters of different cuts of beef. The Yield % pages contain various yields for cooked roasts. And the section on beef education is a useful tool.

The Produce section has tools to find seasonal produce, current hot picks, market reports, and a search tool to research numerous produce items. Need to know what your yield on produce will be after prepping it? The produce yields page gives yield percentages for many produce items.

How about info about venison? Our ever growing list of culinary info also includes a long list of offal varieties. Not finding what you're looking for? Each page has a comment section at the bottom where you can post questions or update the info.

Chef Resources for Kitchen Management Tools

Various kitchen management tools are available. For tracking your food cost the food cost calculation excel file is a great tool. There are some sample prep sheets for free download. Information on declining balance and inventory turn calculation is explained.

Are you costing recipes and having to run to the kitchen to measure how many teaspoons of pepper are in an ounce? Our dry spice yield page lists over 90 spice conversions. Hotel pan capacities can be found on the steamtable pan capacity page. We even list disher scoop sizes & yields.

Oyster Varieties and Flavor Profiles

Also, check-out the extensive list of Oysters. It includes oysters from California, British Columbia, and the East Coast. The Pacific Northwest Oysters index lists over 60 varieties. Each oyster page includes its oyster flavor profile, cultivation method, species and oyster appellation.

Feel free to add suggestions by clicking on the "add comment" button at the bottom of most pages. Or, register (it's free) and begin contributing information which other Chefs will find useful.