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Pacific Northwest Oysters

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Pacific Northwest Oyster Varieties

There are over 65 varieties of oysters available in the Pacific Northwest oyster appellations of British Columbia, Washington & Oregon.  These include oysters from six major PNW oyster regions: Vancouver Island oysters from British Columbia; North Puget Sound oysters from Washington; Hood Canal oysters from Washington; South Puget Sound oysters from Washington; Washington Coast oysters and Oregon Coast oysters.

Click on an oyster map below to bring up a larger map and links to oyster descriptions from each area.  For a complete list of Pacific Northwest Oysters listed go to the Oyster main page.

Vancouver Island Oysters, British Columbia



North Puget Sound Oysters

 Oysters-North Puget Sound.jpg


Hood Canal Oysters

 Hood Canal Oysters


South Puget Sound Oysters

 Oysters-South Puget Sound.jpg


Washington Coast Oysters from Willapa Bay


Oregon Coast Oysters

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