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How to Fillet a Salmon Video

Filleting fish really isn't very hard once you know the technique and the bone structure of the particular fish. This video shows how to fillet a whole salmon which has already been gutted as you would receive it from your seafood purveyor.  If you are able to fillet whole salmon for your restaurant and have a utilization for the bones (salmon stock for smoked salmon chowder, etc) then you will save money on food cost rather than purchasing salmon fillets.  Of course, if you use tons of salmon then the food cost savings may be off-set by the amount of labor it takes to break the salmon down.  However, a skilled fishmonger can break-down a whole dressed salmon to skin-off fillets in about 60 seconds.  The hardest part is to skillfully remove the rib bones without "butchering" the fish.


How to remove the rib bones from a salmon fillet



How to Skin a Salmon Fillet



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FRENCHPRESSMEMOS [] [ Jun 16, 2010 ]

Great instruction! We watched several videos on how to French a rack of lamb this weekend. It is so helpful to have stuff like that out there.