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Can Sizes

Restaurant Can Sizes

Need to know what the different can sizes are for restaurant cans?  What is a 303 can and how much volume does it hold?  Check-out the cans size chart below.

Item  Yield
 #10 Can  12.75 Cups
 #5 Can  7 Cups
 #2.5 Can  3.5 Cups
 #2 Cylinder 3 Cups
 #2 Can  2.5 Cups
 #303 Cylinder 2.33 Cups
 #303 Can  2 Cups
 #6 Can  1/2 Cup


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KIM B [] [ Oct 30 ]

Thanks for the info!  Very useful.

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Aug 11, 2012 ]

The yield shown is for the total volume for the can size, not the yield for foods in the can.  The yield for specific foods will vary depending upon the type of food.

CUNNINGHAM [ Aug 10, 2012 ]

Does this yield include liquid or without liquid?


Thank you,