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Bakers Recipe Template

This is a very helpful Professional Baker's Recipe Template which is easy to scale.  There is also an instructional video which details how to use the recipe template.  The template is created in Excel so you must have Excel on your system to open this file.  Click on the link below to download for free.

System Requirements: Excel 2003 or better, Windows 98 or better.  The file is in Excel 2007 but I have opened and saved it with Excel 2003.  An earlier version may also work.

Thanks to Chef Walter Tanner for this submission.

Bakers Recipe Template by Walter Tanner

Click on the download button if you would like to use this sheet. The Baker's Recipe Template is a free download, no BS, no redirects.



Baker's Recipe Template Instructional Video


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DAVID BUCHANAN [ Dec 03, 2014 ]

Unfortunately the form converts English measurements into Metric and not the other way. But, you could easily redesign the form to go from Metric to English by changing the formulas. If you are not familiar w/ Excel and don't know how to do this then I can do it for you for a small fee. You can email me for details at chefs-resources@ msn.com

HI [] [ Nov 25, 2014 ]

is there any way of making it so you can enter measurements in grams?

MAGNUS HOLM [] [ Sep 09, 2014 ]

Thank you very much for sharing!

HOPE SANDLER [] [ Sep 13, 2010 ]

Thank you for sharing the baker's recipe template and creating the tutorial!  I really appreciate the resources being provided via Chef's Resources.

DAVID BUCHANAN [ Jul 01, 2010 ]

Thanks Magic, Chef Tanner did a great job on this template.

MAGIC OF SPICE [] [ Jun 30, 2010 ]

Wonderful resource!